Individual reflection: Zhang Bo

One: Importance of water - Dirty and Clean 
It was said that water problems existed even more then two thousand years ago and billions of people have died since then due to bad water. What we take for granted – a twist of the tap and clean, drinking water flows out – was great deal even thirty years ago. 
Just five decades ago, the Singapore River was extremely polluted and was something more of a rubbish dump. It also provides us with the importance of the cleanliness of water to the world.
Two: Revolution of Microelectronics Technology.
Micro electronics have been integrated into part of our lives and it is still changing and evolving. In fact, the industry of microelectronics is so great that could create a new industry or more jobs or destroy another industry and put people out jobs. It was pointed out in the presentation that it is possible to create brain implants and change how people and things works. 
Three: Innovative Breakthrough in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology
The main message in the presentation is the principle of Nano-tech which is when you break an material to a very small parts, you would have a larger surface area thus creating more energy. Nano technology is very interesting as it seems to create many useful and “impossible” material. Nano technology is very useful and can be applied to almost everything in everyday’s life.
Four: IT for animation
There are mainly three types of animation - stop motion, 2D and 3D. 2D animation is getting very labor intensive as all of the 24 frames must be hand drawn and it cost a lot of money. It appears that 3D animations are much more cheaper compared to 2D animation as many of the time it can be done using computer software. Stop motion is like taking of many photos and flipping them quickly to form a short clip.
Five: Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is more important than you think.